Wolves In The Throne Room

Since 2002, over the course of 4 studio albums and hundreds of live performances Wolves in the Throne Room have refracted the transcendent and mythic aspects of Black Metal through their own idiosyncratic Cascadian prism. Their songs explore the hidden world of magic that one accesses through dreams, visions and music.

The band envisioned would strive to create a mythic space where artist and listener alike could strip away the mindset of the mundane to reveal a more ancient and transcendent consciousness. The mysterious and wild energies of the untrammeled forests of the Northwest would be channeled into sonic form.



Permixtio is pure Coldness and Grim Black Devotion!

Permixtio is reflective black metal performed with great passion. Having a grim & bleak approach on BM and a transcendent feeling in their music, this band from Northern Italy plays very well-structured songs filled with feelings of melancholia, anguish and spiritual catharsis. The result is a desolate, grim, introspective & majestic BM with a sorrowful and almost ceremonious/religious aura.


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…Now dark spirits follow me
As I walk the mountain hill
Winds are blowing, icy, cold
I can feel the nature’s call…

Wolfhowl is a greek black metal band which was formed in June of 2009 by Faethon .After a long time, in January of 2012, Wolfhowl released their first MCD, "My Return To The Mountains", by “Azermedoth Records”, in a limited edition of 600 copies. A year later, in February of 2013, the wolf howled again and a second release came over, a split-CD with another greek black metal band, Nipenthis, by "Azermedoth Records" for one more time, in an edition of 1000 copies.

Beyond the endless forests
Beyond the lakes of this land
Beyond the snowcovered mountains
And mighty woods of the past

On Northern Land

Beyond the great landscapes
The valleys and caves of the dark
Under a deep blue sky
On northern land i stand

On Northern Land

I enter the northern kingdom
Frost over the land, cold winds blow
I feel no stranger standing on these shores
Standing proud, on northern land



White World Order!
White World Power!
White World Glory!
White World Supremacy!
White World Power!
White World Order!
White World Glory!

Wolfenhords is a Croatian One Man Black Metal band, formed in 2005 by The Nobll.

Lyrical themes: Ariosophy, Eternity, Occult, Clandestine Totenkopf Paganism…

2007 - Wolves of the New Beginning
2007 - Pathway to Lunar Utopia
2009 - White Power for White People Fight
2012 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

2009 - Slavonic Alliance (split with Chysta Krynycya (Ukraine))
2013 - From Silence to Blitzkrieg (split with Sacrifício Sumério)

No place for Jews on this world!